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Gym With Childcare Gold Coast

We understand that as a parent, your child takes priority over anything else. But having a child doesn’t mean you have to forget about your own health and fitness. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will take care of your child?

Work out as we take care of your child

Gyms with crèche services are becoming more and more popular on the Gold Coast. Now, you can stay fit and healthy without having to worry about your child. You can also take this time to relax and be one with your body as you enjoy our varied fitness classes.

It’s less hassle. You don’t have to wait for your children to go to sleep just so you can work out. Take them with you and we will take care of them. Bringing a child to the gym can also instil in them the value of a healthy lifestyle. When they see their parents investing in their health, they will be much more interested in exercising and taking care of their bodies as well.

No More Excuses!

Inside Out Health Club offers gym and childcare services for parents who want to stay fit and healthy. We have a team of professional day care service providers who will take excellent care of your child.

We provide childcare services for up to 90 minutes to ensure that you have enough time to finish your sets and give yourself the workout you deserve. You don’t have to worry about your child as we have all the facilities needed including a nappy changing facility.

What’s more, our childcare services are affordable and can be easily booked using our app or just meeting with us in person. 

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    FAQ's about our creche

    Want to know more about our childcare service? Here are the answers to some common questions we get asked.

    Our creche staff are professionally qualified, all possessing a blue card and a Certificate III in Childcare.

    Book in via our Inside Out Health Club app or in person at reception. We complete a child intake form and set up the members Inside Out Health Club app upon their first visit. We find out about any special requirements and preferences of care during the first meeting. We educate the member on how to book their child in utilising the app or at reception.

    Our child care workers are professionals, who are very used to settling an upset child. Of course, if the member prefers us to call them across when their child is distressed we will do this also. We get an understanding from the member what they would like to see happen when their child is upset during their first visit. We are very confident we have a great process in place. We also debrief the child’s experience after each visit.

    From 6 weeks old.

    Nothing, just anything you would like to supply, for example simple snacks or drinks that the child likes. We are allergy aware, so please no nuts, and make us aware of any allergies, special requirements your child may have when you check in.

    Up to 16 children depending on the number of bookings.

    From just $3.

    Yes, we request that you do so via the Inside Out Heal Club app which is available free in the app stores.

    No, we have nappy changing facilities.

    The minimum creche hours are Monday – Friday 9am-11am & Saturday 7 – 9.30am. We do regularly put extra creche on for different events we have happening.

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    Health Warning!

    Training here can be seriously addictive and great for your health & fitness. Symptoms include, heavy perspiration, facial contortion during exercise, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing, and a permanent post workout smile.

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