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It shouldn't be a one-man journey

There’ll be times on your fitness journey, where you’ll need that little extra push and motivation. Joining one of the best group fitness training classes on the Gold Coast will help you stay driven and inspired. Your buddies at the gym and the trainers will help you stay on track.

Yes, it’s great to get into the zone by yourself, but it’s a lot of fun when you have your friends or even others around you to push you on.

The road to fitness doesn’t have to be taken alone. Bring your friends or just enjoy the dynamic of working out with others and become better together.

Inside Out Health Club

you won't run out of things to do

We understand that doing a routine at the gym can become repetitive and boring. This is why we’ve designed our classes in a way that will keep you motivated and driven.


Enjoy an intense mix of aerobics and strength training combined in this class. This class is for people who enjoy bursts of intense activity with light exercise intervals.


Boxing made more fun. Learn the workout of a boxer. This class is fit for those who want to improve their body coordination, balance and speed.


Take our CORE exercises, which are specially designed to strengthen your core muscles so you can flaunt that toned stomach!


If you want to improve or develop proper posture alignment, core strength and muscle balance, then this class is for you!

Warm Yin Yoga

Relax and calm your body with our Warm Yin Yoga classes. Yoga postures plus the warm temperature of the room will help release the tension in your body.

Fitness Classes For You!

Your workout doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring. Here at Inside Out, we want you to enjoy your workout so that you will stay driven and motivated.

Our fitness classes are designed to help you get the best out of your workout. They will help improve your strength, endurance and stamina. Our team of professional fitness instructors will always be ready to assist you.

Contact us to schedule a free session now. Message us for more information about our services.

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    Training here can be seriously addictive and great for your health & fitness. Symptoms include, heavy perspiration, facial contortion during exercise, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing, and a permanent post workout smile.

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