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Alex Berenato

Personal Coach

About Me

Fitness & Sports is my life, movement is the oil of longevity and we truly are what we eat. If you have a deep reason to feel awesome and stay young forever, you will push forward every day without looking back.

I can use my passion, experience and knowledge to change people’s lives or improve their lifestyle. And as a result, the way they look will equal the way they feel. As a coach, it’s extremely important to be a role model like parents for their kids.

I have always been into sports, so always understood not only the physical & mental benefits of fitness, but also all the positive impact of the community, making new friends, supporting and being supported, and being motivated to take consistent action every day to be a better me. I felt the need to give more, so being a coach is the best way for me to help you feel great.

In 2016 I had a huge motorbike accident, and consequently couldn’t walk. I spent 24 hours in a coma, followed by lots of rehab until I could hit the gym again and rebuild a stronger version of myself. From there I started to see life from a different perspective and not raking everything for granted. I studied deeper in regards to injuries, core, posture, and a lot more, firstly for my injuries, and then to understand better for my clients.

I have a rule: never teach something I am not good or experienced at.


  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • Fitness & Body Building Instructor (Cert III & IV)
  • DNA Tester
  • Blue Card
  • PT Lab Mentoring experience
  • EOL Mentor Program (Elixir of Life Strength & Conditioning¬† and working with injuries)
  • Online Coaching
  • Master in Functional Training
  • Functional Training Summit 2016
  • Functional Trainer Level 1
  • TFW Level 1 & 2 Instructor
  • TFW Coaching Greatness Certification
  • Pregnancy & Post Natal exercise instructor
  • Workshops & Events in Nutrition, Programming, Coaching

How I Can Help You

I can help you improve the way your body looks and feels:

  • Strength, tone, balance, coordination, speed, power, pain & injuries
  • Mindset, nutrition, time management, cooking / prep skills
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