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Your transformation starts today. Inside Out Health Club is your one-stop fitness and health club!


Your Willpower is Key

We believe everything starts inside. Your mindset drives your behaviours & your behaviours drive your personal growth.

You have the power to transform and become a better version of yourself. With dedication, and the right environment, you will become healthier, fitter and look your best.

We'll Help You Get There

Inside Out Health Club is your gym and fitness centre on the Gold Coast. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our gym is equipped with the latest facilities and our team is always ready to assist and support you throughout your fitness journey.

It's More Than Just Fitness

Inside Out is more than just a fitness centre, it is a health club. We want you to stay physically and mentally active. Our classes will not only train the body, it will also condition the mind. Schedule a session with us today and feel the Inside Out pump.

Inside Out Health Club

Fitness Centre

Personal Training

Have one-on-one training sessions with our personal coaches who can guide you with the right workout routines and the correct form.

Group Fitness

Invite your friends and join our group training classes. These classes are designed for you to enjoy and keep you motivated.

Functional Training

Avoid strains in muscles that you commonly use in day-to-day activities by joining our functional training classes.

Strength & Cardio

Join our strength and cardio training to build strength and stamina. Break a sweat and improve your endurance with our cardio classes.


Unwind and reward yourself from time to time. Our café has a wide variety of healthy snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth and coffee cravings.

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Health Warning!

Training here can be seriously addictive and great for your health & fitness. Symptoms include, heavy perspiration, facial contortion during exercise, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing, and a permanent post workout smile.

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